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"Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes,’ otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life."
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Why would I do that when I don’t even know who you are

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 TED talk with Ran Gavrieli “Why I stopped watching porn

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Universal pat on the back?

It seems as though I’m being prepared for a new and seemingly perilous course; fraught with the dangers of having to expose myself in uncomfortable ways that will push me to gnaw out of this cocoon I have woven for years. The recent onslaught of apologies for past hurts from those who I thought lacked the heart (or even the courage to push themselves to admit such things) makes me wonder - will I revert to a less cynical and calloused version of myself now that the debris and muck has cleared?

A good friend called it my universal pat on the back. My reward for putting up with endless amounts of hardship in various forms. My moment of kismet may have been exactly what I needed. A reminder that they will be a friend of mine for a lifetime, whether that is currently understood or not.

Now, All I need is patience to grapple with someone who apparently is better at disappearing than I am. Touché to life’s lessons and the strange places they can lead us to in the meantime.

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If there was a day to believe in kismet, it would be today. Waiting for more strangeness to occur. I mean, REALLY? What’s next?

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- From “Gegege no Kitarou,” adapted from the work of Shigeru Mizuki (1968)

- From “Gegege no Kitarou,” adapted from the work of Shigeru Mizuki (1968)

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Although Thee Oh Sees are on something of an indefinite hiatus as creative mastermind John Dwyer pursues  his electronic-based solo project under the moniker of Damaged Bug, fans of Dwyer’s most known project should be pleased to hear Dwyer and Thee Oh Sees will be releasing Dropthe much-anticipated follow-up to their critically praised Floating Coffin.

"Penetrating Eye" is the first single off the forthcoming album, slated for an April 19 release, and it’s a buzzing psych rock freak out with a rather anthemic feel. You can picture kids losing their mind in a sweaty, illicit club — and how yourself immediately getting caught into the moment in a way that you never thought. 

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